Rules and Regulations for Softball Season

1. Uniforms: It is suggested that teams have uniforms, but it is not required.
Shirts are required at all times.

2. Game and Time: A regulation game is seven innings. In the event that the time limit is enforced or if there is inclement weather, the game is official if 4 ½ or 5 innings have been completed. There will be a coin flip for the home team before the first game. This rule stays the same except that to speed up the game, the pitcher shall have either 3 pitches or 1 minute to warm up (which ever comes first).

3. Weather: All teams are required to show up at their scheduled fields with a full team unless a league official notifies the managers that the game has been cancelled. At the field it is the umpire’s decision whether to play the game or not. If you have not heard from a league official by 7:00AM for an 8:00AM game, or by 10:00AM for an 11:00AM game, you must show up with a full team.

4. Umpires: All games will have one umpire. Playoff games will have two. If no umpire shows up for a game, each team should provide an umpire. The games must be played.

5. Practice: All teams must conclude practice five minutes before game time. At this time, GROUND rules will be discussed so that the game will start on time.

6. Forfeits: A) A team must have at least eight players to start the game.
B) Forfeit time for the first game of the double-header is ten
minutes after the scheduled starting time (8:10 for 8:00 start;
8:40 for 8:30 start; 11:10 for 11:00 start; 11:40 for 11:30 start;
etc.). The forfeiting team will have an additional 30 minutes to
recruit the rest of their team. If, at this point, there are not
enough players, the team will forfeit both games.
C) All teams must put up a $200 forfeit fee. This fee will be returned at the end of the season
(provided the team does not forfeit). Any part of the team’s
forfeit fee that is used up must be replaced immediately. If not,
the following week’s games will cancelled and forfeited. Any
team forfeiting four games, during the season, will be dismissed
from the league without refund!

***Umpire fees this year are $60.00 per team per double-header. The umpire earns $120.00 for the double header. Four forfeits will result in expulsion from the league.

7. Roster and Release Forms: All release forms must be sent to the league before the first game. Roster sheets are due week #3 of the season. Rosters are open until that time. Once the sheets are in, the rosters are frozen. At this point, a team may challenge the fact that their opponent is using an ineligible player. All challenges must be sent to the league director and treated as a protest (see rule #19). Any team not returning their release form or roster sheet on time will have their games cancelled and forfeited. There may be 20 players on a roster and 20 individual prizes will be awarded per team. A roster player must have played in at least 10 league games in order to be eligible to play in playoffs.

8. Equipment: Four bases, softball bats, two flags or cones, pitching rubber, two clinchers per team per double-header, scorebook, catcher’s mask with throat protector, shin-guards (if desired), protective cup, tape measure, first-aid kit, shovel, rake, and broom. The designated team is required to supply bases or the non-designated team becomes the home team both games. It is the duty of both teams to bring bases and all other equipment. It is also the duty of the designated team to measure out the field, put out bases, cones and pitching rubber. This is not the umpire’s job. He may assist if he wishes. In the event of poor playing conditions, it is the duty of both teams to fix the field together (not the umpire).

9. Measurement of Field: 60 feet between bases and 46 feet from home plate to mound.

10. Line-Up: Ten players plus the E.H. (optional) constitute a legal line up. A
minimum of eight players is required to start the game. If a player leaves or is injured with no replacement, the batter becomes an automatic out. A team can add to make ten players but not eleven after the team has batted around. The E.H. can also rotate in the field during the course of the game, as long as he remains in the same batting slot. You may have both a DH and an EH in your line-up.

11. Pitching: A pitcher may start with either one or two feet on the rubber and
must maintain constant contact with the rubber until the pitch is released. Pitcher may not use a windmill whip or slingshot delivery and the wrist many not be outside the elbow at any time. Palms up or down are legal. In the back swing, the arm may go up to but not exceed the 10 o’clock position. Any violation of pitching rules will result in an illegal pitch being called. If the violation is not corrected, illegal pitches will continue to be called. An illegal pitch will result in a ball to the batter and each runner will move up 1 base.

12. Courtesy Runner: There will be unlimited courtesy runners allowed. The team using the courtesy runner must get permission from their opponent to do so. The opponent has the option of deciding which player should run for the injured player.

13. Bunting and Stealing: There is no bunting or stealing. Leads are allowed after release of ball by the pitcher. If runner leaves early, he will be called out. Fake tags and fake double plays will not be allowed and will result in a warning to both teams the first time. Anyone, on either team repeating this action, will automatically ejected from
the game.

14. Pickoffs: The fielder only has to touch all bases before the runner. On wild throws, the runner must tag base before advancing.

15. Avoid Contact Rule: Full possession by any fielder requires the runner to slide, dive, or give himself up. Any attempt to injure a fielder will subject the runner to ejection and a one game suspension.

16. Fighting: Fighting will not be tolerated. Immediate ejection will take place and league action WILL follow depending on circumstances and umpire’s report.

17. Other Conduct:
A) Any cursing at umpires, spitting on umpires, kicking dirt on umpires, bumping, threatening, excessive arguing and other abusive action toward umpires will result in ejection and probable suspension. Excessive cursing, calling out opposing pitcher’s name, or using racial slurs of any kind may also result in ejection. Managers and captains are the only ones to question an umpire’s call. The league encourages excitement and competitiveness, but will not tolerate poor sportsmanship of any kind.

B) Coaches Softball League, Inc. does not allow alcoholic beverages to be consumed before or during a game. If you choose to drink, do it after your game has been completed. Any player who an umpire suspects to be intoxicated will asked to leave the field. If he refuses, the game will be forfeited. Any team using illegal substances at the field is subject to expulsion from the league without refund!

C) Any player who is ejected from a game must leave the premises completely (out of sight and out of sound). If the player refuses to cooperate, the games will be forfeited.

18. Ties: Ties will count as one point in the standings, victories will count as two
points. Losses will count as zero.

19. Protests: Protests must be submitted, in writing, to the league director within two
days of the game in question with a $100 non-refundable fee. No protests will be allowed on a judgment call, it must be on a rules interpretation. The manager must notify the umpire of the protest prior to the next pitch. The umpire must sign the line-up card and score sheet indicating that a protest has been made.

20. Mercy Rule: The mercy rule is 12 runs. The mercy rule is in effect after each team
has batted five times. At that point, as soon as one team has a 12 run lead, the game is over.

21. Scoring: The home team’s book is the official book. Scorers and umpires should communicate between each half inning to make sure the home team’s book is correct.
22. Line Up Cards: All managers must submit an official line up card to umpire prior to start of the game.

23. No metal spikes are allowed.

24. No donuts or leaded bats allowed.

25. Any batter who throws a bat is an automatic out the first time. The ball is dead and everyone goes back to the base they came from. The second time this individual throws the bat, he is automatically ejected for the entire day! Any bat thrown flagrantly will result in automatic ejection for the day without an umpire’s warning.

26. Hit by Pitch: We will use the ASA rule. The runner will no longer take a base when hit by a pitched ball.

27. Club Rules: A team may bat as many batters as he chooses in a game as long as he has the permission of the opposing team.