Coaches Softball League Inc.
Scott Bitterman, Head Coach

July 2019

Dear Coaches:  The following is for the Saturday league only. The Sunday league will be different. Please call for information.

Coaches Softball League, Inc. announces its annual Snowflake League.  The season will run from September 2019 through November 2019.  The prizes that will be awarded are:
1. League Championship-individual jackets and a team trophy.
2. Runnerups-individual trophies and a team trophy(unless there are 2 separate leagues or an A &B championship).
3. Division winners-team trophies.
4. Sportsmanship awards.

5. If you accept money towards your award you are responsible for buying your own jackets and trophies.

In order to start promptly in September the league needs prompt payment from everyone. In order to encourage early league payment and discourage late payment, the following schedule will be applied:
The league fee is $900.00, but there will be special discounts for those who pay in full early.
1. Payment before August 15, 2019  $800.00
2. Payment between August 15 and September 1, 2019 $ 825.00
3. After September 1, 850.00
4. After October 1, 2019  $900.00.
5. After October 15 , 2019, $1000.00
If you pay by paypal, please add an additional $25.

Umpire fees are paid in cash at the field as usual. The  fee is $60 per team for the doubleheader or $30 per game.

There will be no exceptions to the above payment schedule.  If there are any specific problems, please feel free to contact me.

Payments can be made by credit card (below), cash, or money orders only.  Make all money orders out to Scott Bitterman or to COACHES SOFTBALL LEAGUE, INC. 
Please fill out the tear-off below and return it with your payment.

Scott Bitterman, Head Coach


Team Name________________________________________________________________________

Manager's Name ______________________________ Alternate Manager _________________________ Address ______________________________________ Address ___________________________________
Phone# ______________________________________Phone# ___________________________________    Bus.# _______________________________________ Bus.# _________________________________

Email ______________________________________ Email _______________________________________

Morning Late Morning Afternoon
9:00 AM 12:00 3:00 PM
Sat OR Sun (Circle One)
Mod-Fast or arc ball ( Circle one)

Credit Card

League Fee