Welcome Players and Coaches!

Coaches Softball League is a Queens/Brooklyn NYC Adult Co-Ed softball league open to all individually run teams or organizations playing Modified fast pitch and Arc ball. We offer Spring/Summer Leagues as well as our annual Fall League. Saturday and Sunday games of your choice with morning or afternoon games.

Spring/Summer leagues commence April through August. Fall leagues are September through November.

Leagues are being formed now! If you have a team or would like to join a team in the New York City area, please contact the commissioner.


All dues paid before league starts.


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 Weekly schedule

Sat/9/21 Mod-fast

9:00  The Cubans  vs  Bangbros  Cunningham 2 

9:00  TNT  vs  Saturday Raiders   Cunningham 5 

9:00  Cardinals  vs Lunatics   Cunningham 8 

9:00  Hurricanes  vs  Simply Family   Cunningham 3 

9:00  Corozal  vs  Bilingual Bloodbath  Cunningham 9


Sat/ 9/21 Coed

12:30  Hituation I  vs  Los Intocables  Cunningham 9 

12:30  Hituation II  vs  Da Untouchables  Cunningham 8 

          All Boroughs  vs  Bye








































Homerun derby is coming Contact us for details or sign up below.
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COACHES SOFTBALL LEAGUE INC. 236 SMITH ST MASSAPEQUA PK, NY 11762 (516) 795-6885 www.coachessoftballleague.com CSL777@aol.com